50 000 €
50 000 €

Active collaboration is a key element to discovering the technologies of the future. Those that generate a positive impact, not just in the companies involved, but on the planet and society.
For this reason, at ACCIONA we launched the I’MNOVATION programme, an open innovation programme that actively collaborates with startups, scaleups, spin-offs, universities and R&D centers with the aim of jointly co-developing the new solutions that will respond to the challenges that the planet faces:

  • the climate crisis
  • the lack of water and sanitation
  • the need for resilient infrastructure
  • the innovation and development of more sustainable cities.

We are seeking incorporated companies, created less than seven years ago and that are framed within one of the following types:

  • Startups that have a Minimum Viable Product of the proposed technology or solution to solve the challenge.
  • Spin offs of knowledge agents that have a new development in technologies relating to our businesses with market potential.
  • Scale ups that have a proven solution in the market that can provide a response to the proposed challenge but that must be adapted to the circumstances of the business.
  • Research centers, innovation and research groups with minimum validated solutions / technologies in laboratory environment that can be adapted or applied to the use case proposed by ACCIONA.

Once the winning companies have been selected, we work on the co-development of their proposals and get involved to ensure their viability, guiding them with technical advice, providing economic aid and developing those innovative solutions that provide a response to the proposed challenges.

  • If your proposal is chosen, from I’mnovation we will give you all the help and necessary resources, such as:
  • We will assume the costs arising from the collaboration and co-development.
  • A team of expert mentors dedicated to the Pilot. This team, called the Pilot Team, comprises technical experts from ACCIONA and open Innovation that provide tutoring, guidance and training. Our team provides know-how that can make a success of a startup that has not been consolidated in the ecosystem.
  • A workspace where you can develop a real pilot of your solution.
  • Networking among the different teams that participate in the Programme.

Our challenges, aligned with the SDGs, present a specific problems that requires an innovative and sustainable solution. Blockchain, Big data, robotics, artificial intelligence, energy storage, digitalization of construction processes, workflow management or intelligent mobility, etc. These are some of the many areas where you can develop and present your solutions.

We are looking for disruptive technological solutions that respond to the water, construction, concession, energy, real estate and financial challenges we have open. If you are selected, you will be able to co-develop your idea together with I’MNOVATION.


  • January 22

    I’MNOVATION 2024 is here! Check out the open challenges and sign up.

  • February 29

    Haven’t applied yet, run! The deadline for applications is February 29th.

  • May 17

    The finalist startups will pitch to a committee that will decide the winner. This startup will develop a pilot in a real environment for 6 months with us.

  • December 11

    Each team will present the results obtained to the decision committee that will evaluate the continuity and scaling of the program.