Digital visualisation of infrastructures for the optimisation and extension of their functional capacities


Digital visualisation of infrastructures for the optimisation and extension of their functional capacities

January 22


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February 29


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May 17


The finalist startups will pitch to a committee that will decide the winner. This startup will develop a pilot in a real environment for 6 months with us.

December 11


Each team will present the results obtained to the decision committee that will evaluate the continuity and scaling of the program.

50 000 €
50 000 €

Infrastructures define and condition to a large extent the prosperity of a place. The visualisation of infrastructure by various means, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) rendering of infrastructure, enables the generation of detailed and realistic visual representations of infrastructure and environments in design, construction and urban planning projects. This involves the creation of images, three-dimensional models and interactive visualisations of buildings, roads, bridges, subways, renewable parks, urban landscapes and other infrastructure elements.

These advanced digital visualisations of infrastructure facilitate the advancement of interoperability and systems integration, enabling collaboration between different disciplines and specialties, which is critical in complex infrastructure projects. This integration ensures that all parties involved work with a common and up-to-date understanding of the project, reducing errors and discrepancies, and improving the efficiency of the construction process and the lifecycle of the infrastructure itself, leading to a new generation of infrastructure.

ACCIONA seeks to develop regenerative projects that are unique and totally different from the rest of the market. ACCIONA not only builds a road, it provides an opportunity to generate clean energy, store water, improve mobility and consolidate local culture by optimising its design. It is an opportunity to generate a positive impact by taking advantage of the potential synergies of the project itself. The identification of ideas and proposals around this approach is not always easy and varies according to the profile and understanding of the client, which is why we try to develop and implement an advanced rendering solution based on new technologies, designed to conceptualise customisable and granular infrastructures. This tool, oriented to flexible design according to user preferences, is projected as a strategically valuable resource to enhance the business development area and materialise engineering solutions in an attractive and disruptive visual element.

ACCIONA launches this challenge to identify solutions and/or tools that facilitate efficient interaction with detailed technical specifications and diverse infrastructure models.

This tool should enable new designs that are better adapted to the contexts where they are carried out, considering technical aspects, while at the same time allowing needs and aspirations to be included in visual realities. To this end, ACCIONA is looking for a technological tool (e.g. Artificial Intelligence) that optimises and facilitates the processes of rendering options. The tool must have a technical base that allows the integration of different engineering solutions and an advanced granularity in detail allowing the modification of infrastructure environments.

Frequent questions

Yes. This Open Innovation Program is designed for the co-creation and co-development with startups, spinoffs and scaleups. Although we wouldn’t expect to work with mature companies, ACCIONA understands that developing a new product is hard and pivoting to find the Market-Fit needs from time and work, so we will analyse case by case.

Yes. As companies grow, they develop commercial agreements. Corporate open innovation programs are one of them, although ACCIONA wouldn’t accept to develop a project if the startup is working on a project with the same scope with a competitor.

At the beginning of the project, the ownership of the IP is from each part. Only after the ending of the project, ACCIONA and your company would negotiate over the results of the product or service developed if ACCIONA has had a relevant participation.

Usually, ACCIONA will publish that a pilot has been developed with your company at the end of the project. If you need to share some kind of information of the project, privately or publicly, please contact us.

No. Open Innovation program doesn’t take any equity. Only at the end of the project, ACCIONA would analyse if an investment has a fit in the company strategy and if the startup has an investment round open.

No. Sometimes startups captable is complex. We would accept that one of the founders signs if he/she has power of attorney.