Attracting young people to become investors in the medium term

Attracting young people to become investors in the medium term

November 30


I’MNOVATION 2022 is here! Check out the open challenges and sign up.

February 21


Haven’t applied yet, run! The deadline for applications is February 21st.

April 8


The finalist startups will pitch to a committee that will decide the winner. This startup will develop a pilot in a real environment for 6 months with us.

January 26


Each team will present the results obtained to the decision committee that will evaluate the continuity and scaling of the program.

50 000 €
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50 000 €

BESTINVER is an independent investment and pension fund manager owned by the ACCIONA Group. With more than 30 years’ experience and 7.2 billion Euros in managed assets, we work to create long-term profitability for more than 50,000 of our investors.


As part of BESTINVER’s mission as a creator and disseminator of advice on saving and investment, our ‘Investment School’ initiative is based on three pillars: BESTINVER-IESE Savings and Investment Observatory, the blog by our investment team  and the ‘Valor con B’ podcast.


These training activities are mainly aimed at people who have a certain interest in, and knowledge of, the world of investments. Therefore, they are very much directed at our present investment and target population.

BESTINVER is very aware of the need to foster a savings culture among young people. In 2021 the minimum level of investment in funds has been reduced to €100, which has meant a younger target population has been attracted (25% of new investors recruited are under 35 years of age).


At the same time, we consider it necessary to support and educate young people about the importance of saving and investing, applying a pedagogic approach that enables us to reach out to them at a relatively early age. We also need to show young people how investment should be based on the creation of long-term value in companies operating in the real economy.


By reaching out to young people and helping to foster long-term savings is, of course, a challenge, but it is a need for the future.

BESTINVER is launching this challenge to identify tools, solutions and disruptive communication and educational approaches that make it easier to attract young people to the world of savings and investment. The proposed solutions should be in line with the scopes indicated below:

  • Facilitate reaching out to a younger audience through the use of digital channels
  • Provide tools to design attractive training activities for the target audience: brief descriptions that are gamified, interactive, and with well-defined aims
  • Provide processes and methodologies for the industrialisation of content that allows the generation of assets at low cost
  • Provide an “as a service” platform to generate and present content, avoiding made-to-measure items and excessive technological references
  • Provide a system of analysis to have up-to-date knowledge on the scope of the content created and the level of engagement of the target audience.