Stages of the initiative

"ACCIONA’s I’MNOVATION programme has been a very significant opportunity to apply our value proposal"

"ACCIONA’s support has allowed us to develop our creative, technical and business potential in a close and innovative way "

"Working with ACCIONA has been the best professional experience we have had"

"The I’MNOVATION programme has been one of the most positive programmes we have participated in"

"I’MNOVATION has changed the course for me both personally and as a startup in a very positive way"

What they say about us

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This Open Innovation Program is designed for the co-creation and co-development with startups, spinoffs and scaleups. Although we wouldn’t expect to work with mature companies, ACCIONA understands that developing a new product is hard and pivoting to find the Market-Fit needs from time and work, so we will analyse case by case.

Yes. As companies grow, they develop commercial agreements. Corporate open innovation programs are one of them, although ACCIONA wouldn’t accept to develop a project if the startup is working on a project with the same scope with a competitor.

At the beginning of the project, the ownership of the IP is from each part. Only after the ending of the project, ACCIONA and your company would negotiate over the results of the product or service developed if ACCIONA has had a relevant participation.

Usually, ACCIONA will publish that a pilot has been developed with your company at the end of the project. If you need to share some kind of information of the project, privately or publicly, please contact us.