We will celebrate the Demo Day of the I’MNOVATION 2022 Program on January 26th.

Eleven startups along with ACCIONAs teams will present the pilot projects they have been working on.

On January 26th, startups together with teams from ACCIONA, ACCIONA Energía and Bestinver will present the results of the pilot projects they have been working on for the past 6 months, to a panel of experts and ACCIONA executives.


These projects aim to develop solutions to the challenges posed by the business units that address the global challenges facing the planet, such as climate emergency, water scarcity and sanitation, the need for resilient infrastructure and the creation of more sustainable cities.

The participating startups are Cognitiv+, Hobeen, ID-Nano, Impacte, Ingelectus, Multiverse, Money Masters, Nanostine, SAALG, Sinai and Synvertec. These companies will present their pilot projects in the fields of water, construction, concessions, real estate and finance, which seek disruptive solutions that can improve efficiency and sustainability in these fields.

This initiative is part of ACCIONA’s commitment to innovation and sustainability and seeks to contribute to the creation of solutions that improve people‘s quality of life and help regenerate the environment.


Cognitiv+: platform for intelligent document review that helps professionals unlock the value of unstructured text, language meaning, and document labyrinths.

Hobeen: energy efficiency app designed so that the user can control all smart home devices and access their consumption data in real time.

ID-Nano: R&D intensive company that synthesizes, characterizes and commercializes nanomaterials for the resolution of industrial challenges.

Impact-E: end-to-end platform for the design and management of energy communities with modular tools that respond to the different needs of the installation life cycle.

Ingelectus: presents a portfolio of electrical solutions focused on optimizing generation, connection, operation and energy consumption.

Multiverse: developer of quantum algorithms or quantum-inspired algorithms (tensor networks) for processing large volumes of data.

Money Masters: financial education platform that trains its users on basic finance principles in a theoretical-practical and gamified way.

Nanostine: research, development and commercialization of high added value nanoparticles and nanostructured coatings.

SAALG: specialized software in geological and numerical services for the engineering and construction industry.

Sinai: modular SaaS platform that allows companies to monitor and measure their corporate, business line, project or facility carbon footprint in a quantitative and economic way.

Synvertec: control algorithm (Synchronverter TM) that is directly integrated into the inverters and allows it to imitate the mechanical and electrical properties of a traditional synchronous generator.