ACCIONA experts have picked RatedPower, Tagup, Kineo, Flexidao, nPlan, Newralers, A&K Robotics and Nouss Intelligence to work together on innovative solutions for the infrastructure and renewable energy industries.

A total of 231 companies from 16 countries were analysed in this round, more than twice the number in the previous round. The chosen startups will receive funding and advice from ACCIONA in order to apply their technologies to nine pilot projects in a real situation related to the company’s activities

ACCIONA has picked startups RatedPower, Tagup, Flexidao, nPlan, Newralers, A&K Robotics and Nouss Intelligence to take part in the second edition of the corporate accelerator within its I’MNOVATION open innovation programme. Additionally, Kineo, which participated in the first round last yearhas been chosen again to develop another pilot project.

These eight startups will have three months of support, mentoring and funding from ACCIONA to pilot test their technologies by applying them in a real-world situation.

The number of candidates in this second edition (231) was more than double the number in the first edition (100). This year’s edition had a more international profile, in line with the company’s footprint: startups from 16 countries participated. The eight finalists are from Spain (RatedPower, Kineo, Flexidao, Nouss Intelligence and Newralers), the US (Tagup), Canada (A&K Robotics) and the UK (nPlan).

These startups, which were chosen by executives from ACCIONA’s business areas (construction, services, industrial and renewable energy), proposed innovative technological solutions that can be implemented in the short-medium term in the company’s projects. These innovations are articulated around the challenges posed by ACCIONA, which contemplate the application of technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Robotics to improve and optimise processes and assets and to validate new business models.

The successful companies have innovative products or processes in these fields and, together with ACCIONA, will extrapolate their expertise to the company’s operations.

  • Nouss Intelligence (Spain): will use artificial intelligence for planning, procurement, execution and equipment tracking.
  • RatedPower (Spain): develops tools for digitalising solar photovoltaic plants.
  • Newralers (Spain): specialised in artificial intelligence algorithms that simulate neural networks.
  • Flexidao (Spain): uses blockchain technology in the energy industry.
  • Kineo (Spain): uses big data techniques to analyse geopositioning data.
  • nPlan (UK): implements artificial intelligence for real-time control of working documents and on-site decision-making.
  • Tagup (US): designs a software platform for digitalising wind power facility maintenance and design.
  • A&K Robotics (Canada): develops artificial intelligence systems for autonomous vehicles.

In the first edition of ACCIONA’s startup accelerator, eight companies were selected from among more than 100 applicants; all of them are currently working with ACCIONA. Kineo is participating again this year with another pilot project.

The I’MNOVATION Startups Program seeks to create an innovation ecosystem that incorporates external talent in order to enhance the company’s capabilities.