ACCIONA has created Spain’s first corporate accelerator for energy and infrastructure startups as an extension of its open innovation approach, ratifying its lead in RDI in the industries in which it operates.

This accelerator is the first initiative of a new innovation platform which, under the umbrella of I’MNOVATION, will direct the technical capabilities of the company and its R&D facilities in cooperation with startups and partners, supported by intrapreneurship, to drive disruptive technologies and new businesses in the areas of renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure.

The company has created the first programme for startups to drive disruptive technologies that can change the operating or business model in its core business areas. After a pre-selection process, 16 companies from four countries are competing to enter the accelerator’s first round, which will enable them to work on a pilot project linked to ACCIONA so as to assess how their technology applies on a large scale.

ACCIONA’s open innovation model, implemented through I’MNOVATION, seeks to place the company at the heart of an innovation ecosystem in the infrastructure and renewable energy industries, making it a key player with an active role in their future. ACCIONA is an acknowledged innovator, having spent 194 million euros on RDI in 2016, which put it in sixth place in the EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard 2016. Through I’MNOVATION, ACCIONA seeks to catalyse the technology trends that will shape the future and materialise them in competitive applications that are compatible with its sustainable business model.


I’MNOVATION #Startups will be a permanent programme holding two rounds per year, as well as participating actively in the national and international RDI ecosystem in our industries.

The first round of I’MNOVATION#Startups began before the summer with the pre-selection of 16 finalists from four different countries from among more than 100 international companies; candidates offered technological solutions in the defined strategic innovation lines of ACCIONA’s three main business areas (Construction, Water and Renewable Energy), as well as technologies with a horizontal impact. The final selection took place in mid-September, when representatives of the 16 companies presented their solutions and features, plus potential applications, to more than 50 executives from ACCIONA’s business lines.

The startups chosen to participate in the three-month programme will be announced in the next few days; during the programme they will have ACCIONA’s financial, operational and business support, as well as fast-track procurements and the possibility of signing commercial, partnership or funding agreements with ACCIONA.