ACCIONA has invited applications for the second round of its corporate accelerator for startups. Through the I’MNOVATION #Startups programme, which is part of the company’s new open innovation strategy, ACCIONA seeks to identify and promote entrepreneurs who are developing innovative technologies and methods that are applicable to the infrastructure, renewables and service sectors.

Through its business units, ACCIONA poses a series of challenges to which startups can offer solutions, with a presentation of how they can shape the future of infrastructures and renewable energies. Entrepreneurs can apply online at only may 13th, 2018.

The selected startups, which will be announced in the last week of May, will work together with ACCIONA experts for 3 months to develop pilot projects that demonstrate the viability of their ideas at full scale. When this period is over, ACCIONA experts will evaluate the possibility of extending the relationship with the startups.

With the challenges as defined, ACCIONA is seeking to incorporate disruptive technologies into its businesses in order to help overcome technical challenges and improve the company’s competitiveness. The challenges proposed for this year are related to:

  • Designing the electricity networks of the future, using technologies such as blockchain to ensure energy traceability, manage demand, and improve safety in the supply chain and efficiency in the guarantee of origin.
  • New technologies for energy storage, developing new solutions that use power electronics instead of large lithium batteries.
  • New materials applicable to photovoltaic technology that make it possible to optimise resources, reduce costs and increase added value through more sustainable modules.
  • Advanced management of operation and maintenance in wind and infrastructure facilities, taking into account such aspects as predictive maintenance and workflow management.
  • Connected Projects that gather real-time information to make just-in-time decisions on the basis of each infrastructure project’s execution process.
  • Smart mobility, i.e. analysis tools to manage supply and demand in advanced urban mobility services.
  • Semantic analysis and Big Data techniques applied to project documentation to extract value and generate knowledge in ACCIONA.
  • Solutions that provide traceability for legal and technical documentation throughout the life cycle of a facility or infrastructure.
  • Advanced robotics applications for ACCIONA businesses.

The goal of this startup accelerator and other open innovation initiatives in the company is to create an ecosystem that incorporates external talent and enhances internal abilities.

In the first edition of ACCIONA’s startup accelerator, eight companies were selected from among more than 100 applicants; all of them are currently still working with ACCIONA.

I’MNOVATION #Startups is a permanent programme involving at least two selection rounds per year, as well as participating actively in the national and international innovation ecosystem in the infrastructure and renewable energy industries.