The Startup Europe Partnership meeting will take place on 28 and 29 July, at the London Stock Exchange, bringing together the most promising European startups, multinational companies, business angels and investment funds.

This event will mark the launch of SEP’s vertical platform dedicated do Digital Construction and Infrastructure, which aims to identify European startups with a high potential to transform construction and engineering. The platform is promoted by ACCIONA and Autodesk in collaboration with Mind the Bridge

Startup Europe Partnership’s (SEP) Scaleup Summit, which brings together the most promising startups in Europe with multinational firms, business angels and investment funds, will be held at the London Stock Exchange on July 28 and 29. The event, supported by the European Union, aims to provide growth opportunities for promising new companies by putting them in contact with partners or potential clients. The goal is to boost open innovation systems by providing a venue to explore the latest technological trends and opportunities for collaboration.

The SEP Scaleup Summit’s structure is based on a series of ‘vertical platforms’ that function as sectoral accelerators. ACCIONA, together with Autodesk, is leading the vertical platform dedicated to Construction and Smart Cities, which will premiere at this event. The purpose of this matching platform is to identify startups able to transform the infrastructure sector, for example, by helping to reduce costs and carbon emissions, improving profitability and efficiency, or enabling a smarter and more diversified construction industry. Selected companies will hold working sessions with ACCIONA to explore opportunities for collaboration and commercial or corporate agreements.

Other vertical platforms are dedicated to artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, InsurTech and FinTech.

The London SEP Scaleup Summit is one of four annual meetings to be held at European Stock Exchanges (London, Milan, Budapest and Lisbon) organized by SEP, the first pan-European open innovation platform dedicated to transforming European startups into scaleups by linking them to global corporations.

By participating in the European Commission’s SEP programme, multinationals get to meet cutting-edge companies with the aim of establishing collaborative and investment links. Startups, for their part, have access to strategic opportunities for commercial and corporate alliances, as well as financing options, whether through venture capital, private placements or IPOs.

The SEP Programme is managed by Mind the Bridge, a global organization that provides innovation advisory services. The company collaborates with more than 1,500 startups per year, with the aim of promoting open innovation initiatives with large corporations that result in the development of new products and services.